Massachusetts Is A Perfect Travel Destination

You have to visit Massachusetts. There is so much to see and do.

If you are a buff of colonial American history, Massachusetts is the place you need to see. Massachusetts has a history that played a large part in the forming of America. Part of the original 13 colonies, it is home to Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed in 1620.  It is also where the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary war, and was later called “the shot heard round the world.” There was also the Boston Tea Party in the Boston Harbor which has become legendary to citizens of America.

If you aren’t a history buff, don’t worry, there are many attractions in Massachusetts, no matter your interests. Massachusetts also has some of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coastline with pristine white sand and deep blue waters. There are many agencies which specialize in deep sea fishing or whale watching tours.

The islands of Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket have been enchanting visitors for centuries. There are beautiful lighthouses to explore, ferry rides to take and fresh seafood to sample. You won’t want to come home.

Don’t despair if you are not a lover of the sea, there’s so much more in Massachusetts. There are local wineries to visit where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon luncheon. You could go visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory where you can watch production and sample the goods as you leave.

Massachusetts boasts many science and nature attractions. There is Franklin Park Zoo, which is set on 72 sprawling acres and is home to biggest indoor gorilla exhibit in the world. There is also the Butterfly Place, where you can experience the magical feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.

If there is a little one in your midst, you must go to Hasbro Gameland, where there are many hands on activities to keep your child interested and interactive all day. There is also the Children’s Museum, another delightful, interactive activity children of all ages can enjoy.

There is yet more. Shopper’s hearts will go pitter patter when they go to Copely Place which is home to 75 stores including big name stores like Tiffany & Co., Barneys New York and Jimmy Choo. In the mood for a good scare? Take a tour through Salem and relive the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials on a Ghost Tour available only at night.

Maybe you are a sports fan. The Boston Red Sox are world famous and there games are known to be ledgendary. Out to take in the sights? Take in a scenic drive up the coastline, or one of their other gorgeous scenic byways. Stop by an a orchard and go apple picking on one of the many farms that offer this opportunity or enjoy the already picked produce with the work already done for you.

Whatever your intrest, Massachusetts has something for you. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or a family, there is much to see and experience. Make your plans to visit today.

The Appeal of a Bed & Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is both a pleasant as well as personal alternative option to your usual hotel. Even though a hotel might be easier to check into, this kind of lodging offers so much more. What’s great about checking into one is, of course, the breakfast you’ll be having, which is something that the bigger hotels have difficulty competing with.
An inn’s décor is normally the best indicator of what to expect from it. Nowadays, you could simply go online and take virtual tours of what this place has to offer. Generally, comfortable beds are number one on this kind of lodging’s list, which is followed by what’s hanging on the walls and the furniture’s upholstery, among others. At times, it can be worth the trip to go to a lodge like this just to experience what it can offer.
Numerous bed and breakfast places are small and they’re normally run by a retired older couple. These, according to some, are the best. But, don’t take their word for it, of course, since you’d have to experience it for yourself, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. The larger lodges of this kind have a tendency to lose that personal touch and when you do check into one, it’ll be better for you to stay at a hotel since the latter is more conveniently located.
There are quite a number of bed and breakfast places that are scattered all throughout the country and most of them take pride in their place’s location as well as history. On occasion, you can take a short trip for the weekend in case there’s this bed and breakfast place you’re interested in checking into. What you’ll find out about it may surprise you.
You can be surprised at finding out that the particular lodge may not have that much up front. But what they lack in that department, they are going to make up in charm, comfort and personality. What’s more is that once you get in touch with your would-be hosts, they are going to make sure that you feel comfortable even while you talk to them on the phone and this is especially true if your hosts know and even represent what they’re doing quite well.

Berkshire County Bed & Breakfasts

Berkshire County is very proud of the superior quality of their Bed & Breakfasts and the gracious hospitality offered from family owned lodgings. Most B&B’s tend to be in families through generations adding special touch to the experiences. Old homes and historic places are often turned into bed and breakfasts adding a uniqueness and old-world charm with lovely Victorian furnishings turning a home into a romantic getaway. The Berkshires has many superior bed and breakfasts with amenities varying from place to place, but all are close to attractions such as Norman Rockwell Museum, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Ski areas, Tanglewood, The Colonial Theatre and more.
Adams – Mt. Greylock Inn – 6 East Street, Adams, MA
Becket – Canterbury Farm – 1896 Fred Snow road, Becket, MA
Cheshire –Harbour House Inn Bed & Breakfast – 725 North State Road, Cheshire
East Otis – Lakeside Estates – 99 Kibble rd., East Otis, MA
Great Barrington – Thornewood Inn – 453 Stockbridge RD, Great Barrington
Housatonic – Christine’s Bed & Breakfast – 325 North Plain RD, Housatonic
Lanesboro – Tuckered Turkey B&B – Old Cheshire RD, Lanesboro
Lee – Applegate Inn – 279 West Park Street, Lee
Lenox – Birchwood Inn – 7 Hubbard Street, Lenox, MA
New Marlborough – Gedney Farm – Route 57, New Marlborough, MA
North Adams – Blackington Manor – 1391 Massachusetts Ave, North Adams
Otis – Lakeside Estates Bed & Breakfast – 99 Kibble Rd. Otis
Pittsfield – The Thaddeus Clapp House – 74 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield , MA
Richmond – A Bed & Breakfast in the Berkshires – 1666 Dublin Rd, Richmond
Sandisfield – The New Boston Inn – Route 57, Sandisfield, MA
Sheffield – Birch Hill Bed & Breakfast – 254 South Undermountain Rd, Sheffield
South Egremont – The Weathervane inn – Route 23, South Egremont, MA
South Lee – Federal House Inn – 1560 Pleasant St. Route 102 South lee, MA
Stockbridge – 1796 House – 46 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA
Tyringham – Cobble View bed & Breakfast – 123 Main Rd. Tyringham, MA

Bed & Breakfast in the USA

Most of the bed and breakfast facilities in the United States set out in creating a historical ambience. Many of these properties are historic places in its own right without the owners trying to create historical ambience. Property owners and investors buy up these old properties, home, turn it into lovely bed and breakfast properties, and decorate it with magnificent antique furniture.
With the market being very competitive in the growing popularity of bed and breakfasts, it is not uncommon to find special services such as night time snacks for free, free parking, free internet service, free spa’s and more. Some bed and breakfast homes even offer special wedding services, meeting and conference spaces, and such in order to attract customers away from the traditional hotel setting into more private and personalized spaces.
Bed and breakfasts provide a homely atmosphere and have an economical advantage over hotels, as they generally are much cheaper. During the 1970’s, the idea of bed and breakfast became very popular with homeowners provided with tax incentives to turn their homes into bed and breakfasts in the restoration of their homes. The national Historic Preservation Act of 1966 also moved homeowners and investors to restore property as historic places.
Many of these home owners, such a s the owners of the Thaddeus Clapp House turned their 1871 Colonial Revival house into a historic bed and breakfast. The place has been completely restored in retaining its original beauty and historical integrity.
Bed and breakfast grew in popularity with the Internet and homeowners now being able to advertise their property worldwide to international travelers. Pictures and amenities are well displayed in order to obtain guests from near and far. A good aspect in the rising numbers of bed and breakfasts is that the market stays competitive and prices never to absorbent.

Bed & Breakfast Market Continuously Grows

The bed and breakfast market gains popularity world-wide as travellers always seek unique and budget-friendly options in accommodations. There is a definite niche for bed and breakfast in the travel industry and growth is inevitable even in coming years with the shrinking economy.
During the last five or six year’s bed and breakfasts gained popularity over thousands of large hotel chains and serviced apartments. Bed and breakfast are homely, comfortable and always available at a much lower rate than all its counterparts.
The advantage of the growth in popularity in bed and breakfasts are the insurers which support the industry as they feel the risk in bed and breakfast insurance are much lower. The advantage for insurance companies is that most owners of this niche are living on their premises and it is a strange combination of home and business, yet safer for insurers.
Around the same time that bed and breakfasts took popularity the Bed and Breakfast .com awards was set up and for the last few years all owners of bed and breakfast and Inns have all been competing to appear on the list as one of the top bed and breakfasts. Independently posted reviews of B & B’s and Inns are regarded both as qualitative and quantitative analysis of the respective entrees.
Historic places are especially popular to convert into Bed and Breakfast accommodations as travellers loves the idea of staying over in historic places which they can never own and it adds to the novelty of romance. B & B’S are very often a historic home converted and typically Revolution-era townhouses, Queen Ann mansions and more. These types of structures are always steeped in history and add to romance. Working cattle ranches, dairy ranches and homes perched beside lakes and rivers are equally well suited for bed and breakfast and typically very popular.

Bed and Breakfast in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

The Thaddeus Clapp House in Pittsfield, Massachusetts is one of the most famous bed and breakfast houses in the area and registered at the National Register as one of Massachusetts Historic Places. The historic district of Pittsfield is filled with mansions and stately homes and a delightful place to take a walk. The magnificent Colonial theatre which is under restoration currently and the Berkshire Museum are both within walking distance of the Clapp House bed and Breakfast. Other great places within walking distance are Jacob’s Pillow, Herman Melville House, the Mount, Tangle wood, Lichtenstein Centre of Arts, antique shops and art galleries. In the area are hiking and biking trails, ski resorts, lakes, boating recreation and more. Some of the amenities available to guests are baggage store facilities, secure parking, Terrace, Jacuzzi, Coffee and Tea tray service in bed. Business amenities are dial-up internet connection. Room amenities includes: radio, iron and ironing boards, refrigerator, hairdryer, air conditioning and in-room phones.
The White Horse Inn is another great bed and breakfast built at the turn of the century. It is a charming colonial style mansion and extensive renovation was done around 2006 and modelled after the popular Boutique Hotels. Delicious breakfast and luxurious bedrooms makes for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Minutes away from this bed and breakfast you will find spectacular fall foliage, mountain biking hiking skiing, theatres, dancing and music. Other outdoor activities such as MASS MoCa, Barrington Stage Company, Jacob’s Pillow, Norman Rockwell Museum, Lennox Village and Tangle wood are within walking distance from the White Horse Inn. To ensure every ones comfort they do not allow cooking in rooms, no candles, no pets and no smoking. Quiet hours of the bed and breakfast are from 11 pm till 8 am with office hours from 10 am till 9 pm.

About Clapps

The Clapps attended St. Stephen Episcopal Church, re-built in 1890 on the north side of Park Square.

By the 1800’s Pittsfield was the center of industry in Berkshire County. The railroad had been built and transported the products of the many textile and paper mills. Besides the many mills, Pittsfield was the location of the Stanley Electric Company. William Stanley invented the first alternating current electrical transformer. His company was bought by the General Electric Company and remained a major employer until end of the 20th Century.

But it was the railroad that opened Pittsfield to the world. Trains brought visitors from all over to the Berkshires. Many of America’s wealthiest families built “cottages” throughout the county, including many in Pittsfield. One of the most well known was “The Court” built for the family which owned the Kimball Piano Company. It became Hillcrest Hospital in 1951.

Susan Eisley, Executive Director of the Berkshire County Historical Society, wrote in Pittsfield, Images of America:

“Pittsfield can be an enigma. The largest and most industrial town in a county that prides itself on being ‘America’s Premier Cultural Resort’, it has a personality that sets it quite apart from other towns. When you look closely, Pittsfield has contributed every bit as much to culture, beauty, grandeur, compassion, invention and humor as any town in the Berkshires. Without the heartbeat of the city, the county would be so much less than the wonderful place it is today.”

Although Mr. Clapp was a respected businessman, his heart was in the arts. “This house in those days was the center of the social life of the community and gained wide fame as such” -The Berkshire Eagle, 1908. The Clapp’s home was designed for entertaining and the couple often held musical performances and poetry and theatrical readings after elaborate dinner parties.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Clapp were noted amateur thespians. Mr. Clapp used the stage name of “Thaddeus Clappertino.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Clapp did not live long enough to attend performances of such famous actors as Sarah Bernhardt and the Barrymores at the Colonial Theatre, which was built in 1903.

Nor did he get to visit the new Berkshire Museum also built in 1903.
The Clapp’s collection of 170 travel books and bound volumes of The Century and Scribner’s magazines were donated to the Pittsfield Athenaeum, which at the time was the largest gift to the library. The Berkshire Athenaeum was built with funds donated by Thomas Allen, grandson of Pittsfield’s famous minister, “The Fighting Rev. Allen”, who was well known for keeping a loaded musket close by during the Revolutionary War. The building housing the athenaeum became the Berkshire County Registry of Deeds after a new library building was built on the land between Wendell Avenue and Bartlett Street in 1967.


One of the Clapps’ famous contemporaries in Pittsfield was Oliver Wendell Holmes, poet, dean of the Harvard Medical School and the great-grandson of Jacob Wendell. (Mr. Holmes is known for being the father of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who became a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.)

Another neighbor on nearby Holmes Road was Herman Melville, one of America’s most celebrated authors. According to the Berkshire County Historical Society: “Herman Melville spent many summers in Pittsfield visiting his uncle’s farm (on South Street). In 1850, he decided to move to Pittsfield permanently, buying a home that he named for the artifacts he dug up while plowing. It was at Arrowhead that Melville wrote Moby Dick along with three more novels. 16 short stories and one volume of poetry. Many of his stories and poems were set in the Berkshires, including several set at Arrowhead. ‘A great neighborhood for authors, you see, is Pittsfield,’ Melville wrote in 1851.'”

John and Sara Morewood purchased Melville’s uncle’s farm on South Street in 1850. Later the property became the Pittsfield Country Club. Mrs. Morewood was well known for her humanitarian work during the Civil War. Sara’s son, William, married Herman Melville’s niece, Maria, and they lived at Arrowhead.


The restoration of Thaddeus Clapp’s home, a National Registry of Historic Places property, is both a labor of love as well as an commitment to preserve the past. It is also quite a challenge: how to retain the beauty and historical integrity of the original while adding modern conveniences.

When the house was built in 1871, it was state of the art for its day. The Clapps installed central heat (coal fired steam) and indoor plumbing. The architectural style is Colonial Revival, but the interior is Arts and Crafts.