Bed & Breakfast in the USA

Most of the bed and breakfast facilities in the United States set out in creating a historical ambience. Many of these properties are historic places in its own right without the owners trying to create historical ambience. Property owners and investors buy up these old properties, home, turn it into lovely bed and breakfast properties, and decorate it with magnificent antique furniture.
With the market being very competitive in the growing popularity of bed and breakfasts, it is not uncommon to find special services such as night time snacks for free, free parking, free internet service, free spa’s and more. Some bed and breakfast homes even offer special wedding services, meeting and conference spaces, and such in order to attract customers away from the traditional hotel setting into more private and personalized spaces.
Bed and breakfasts provide a homely atmosphere and have an economical advantage over hotels, as they generally are much cheaper. During the 1970’s, the idea of bed and breakfast became very popular with homeowners provided with tax incentives to turn their homes into bed and breakfasts in the restoration of their homes. The national Historic Preservation Act of 1966 also moved homeowners and investors to restore property as historic places.
Many of these home owners, such a s the owners of the Thaddeus Clapp House turned their 1871 Colonial Revival house into a historic bed and breakfast. The place has been completely restored in retaining its original beauty and historical integrity.
Bed and breakfast grew in popularity with the Internet and homeowners now being able to advertise their property worldwide to international travelers. Pictures and amenities are well displayed in order to obtain guests from near and far. A good aspect in the rising numbers of bed and breakfasts is that the market stays competitive and prices never to absorbent.

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